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How do we get your home rented quickly?

  • Providing a licensed Realtor or prospective tenant access to your vacant rentals when they need it is a very effective way to get your rentals leased quickly. This is called self-access, and when done using our electronic lockboxes and one-time use codes it is both quick and secure.
  • We use Tenant Turner to qualify prospective tenants against the leasing restrictions of your rental and to authorize Realtors. All access is monitored, and our team is notified each time an authorized person arrives at your rental and requests an access code. Only those who have been pre-qualified or pre-approved for entry into your rental are given an access code, the code can used only once and only on the day for which they are generated.

    Realtors can use a Realtor-only link provided through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that allows them to easily schedule a showing without having to call our office and coordinate a time.

    Prospective tenants can schedule self-access to your vacant rentals after they have provided verifiable contact information, qualified against the leasing restrictions (e.g. pet policy, income requirements, etc.), and provided a copy of their government issued ID.

    After a Realtor or prospective tenant views your property, they are asked to fill out an application or provide feedback which we pass on to you and use to make any corrections which will make your rental more attractive & reduce your vacancy period.

    Please note: We are a performance based company; until we place a tenant, our service is free... That's OUR incentive to get your home rented quickly!

Our proven advertising and marketing campaign include the following:

  • Our branded vehicles direct tenants to our website...and often get us stopped in parking lots!
  • A sign & Lock-box placed on the property within 24 hours.
  • All properties are listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to encourage showings by other agents
  • All properties are listed on 25+ additional websites & several “feeder” sites providing great exposure.
  • You will receive regular showing reports & tenant feedback that will help provide solutions to reduce your vacancy period.

Good property management is not just about finding a tenant quickly, it's about finding the right tenant. After receiving an application from a prospective tenant, all applications are screened thoroughly using:

  • National Tenant Network (NTN)
  • Credit report & history
  • National Eviction reports
  • Public records/judgments
  • Criminal background reports
  • Rental history check
  • Employment verification

We are proud of our 80% renewal/retention rate demonstrating the quality of the tenants we place!

We have an in-house maintenance company... Why?

  • Our rehabilitation work is superior
  • We can offer lower costs to our owners for all maintenance
  • Our focus is to maintain the value of your property
  • We finish the jobs faster
  • Our volume provides subcontractors who are loyal, experienced in tenant related issues, and stand behind their work