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“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Ted has absolutely been the greatest partner to us all along, helping us pick the best available properties, giving us his honest professional opinion, and negotiating on our behalf.”


"Thank you very much for your email, the documents you attached, and for spending an hour or so answering my questions earlier today. I was very impressed by your knowledge of the area, and I came out more knowledgeable about the region from an investor point of view. I also now have a broad understanding of your company's approach to property management and what it would be like to be one of your clients. I have a couple more interviews to go through to help us decide the best fit for our investment in your region, but I am happy to report that you are so far in the top tier of management companies that we are considering. Thanks again for your time, and I hope I will get a chance to speak with you again."


"On another note, the more I learn about how PMI Georgia operates the property management business, the more I am impressed. I really appreciate the Cash Flow Summary report by month."


"Yes you are the best! You always assisted me with so much care and dedication! That is one of the main reason I am back, because if you. I really appreciate it Beth. More blessings to you. "


"I just felt like I should pay you all a compliment. 😊 My husband and I are new to owning properties managed by others. We have been doing it ourselves locally for almost 30 years. We are working with 3 different property managers in three different states right now, so we get to see the differences in how things are done. One other company uses the same software you do as their portal. I love how, whoever does your bookkeeping, keeps things so organized and up to date on the portal. I am a bookkeeper by trade so maybe that’s why its standing out to me so much. It seems you all know how to use the portal to its fullest capacity which is so nice for me as an owner. So thank you!! I am impressed and appreciate it! You seem to have your systems and processes very well organized. Have a great day Ali and thanks for all your help!!"


"I recently purchased my first home and I worked with PMI Georgia owner/agent Chris Littleton. Chris and the staff at PMI Georgia were excellent. The real estate market in Metro Atlanta is challenging and we had to make multiple offers before finally getting a signed contract. Even through the one hiccup (on the seller's side), Chris and staff keep me in the loop and effectively communicated everything that was happening. Once the transaction was ready to close and a settlement statement available for review, the PMI Georgia team made sure the accounting was accurate and I understood the numbers. Closing was a breeze and I am now the proud owner of my home. I am planning on buying another home to move into soon and when that time comes I plan to use PMI Georgia for property management for my current property."