Whether buying or selling, one of our experienced agents can help every step of the way.

When you work with the PMI Georgia Team we will:

  • Identify and select homes in good neighborhood that will produce cash flow, have great potential for equity growth and appreciation.
  • Identify any cost needed to make the property rent ready.
  • Guide you through the purchase process insuring that your best interest are always meet.
  • Manage all of the property needs after your purchase. We are turnkey management solutions for our local investors all the way to our international investors.
  • Help you sell when you’re ready or refinance to cash out equity.

We Keep It Simple - You Invest, We Handle The Rest!

Benefits of Real Estate Investing are

Benefits of Investing with PMI Georgia

  • Licensed Real Estate Brokerage and Team of Professionals Serving investors for over 10 Years.
  • Ease of Ownership When Acquiring Investment Homes.
  • High Yield ROI on Real Estate Assets.
  • Diversification from Wall Street and Stock Markets.
  • Hassle Free Assets Management.

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PMI Georgia takes pride in treating every transaction as if it were our own. We keep your best interest at heart, our relationship does not end at the closing table;
we’ll be with you to see through the renovations, lease-up, management and to help craft your exit strategy.


  • Income and cash flow are the primary return on Real Estate Investment that comes from the tenants paying their rent in an ever increasing market. PMI Georgia evaluate every rental home to maximize the rental income and occupancy rates.
  • Depreciation is one of the many tax advantages of Real Estate Assets that allow you to offset income & expenses and increase your after tax cash flow. PMI Georgia’s accounting practices and reporting allows you to file your taxes with ease.
  • Equity is the value of a mortgaged property or a solely owned after deduction of charges against it. PMI Georgia seek out properties that will provide you the best Equity Position at the time of purchase and will continue to grow over time.
  • Appreciation is the market driven increase in home values that has the effect of increase equity position and net worth of real estate owners over time. PMI Georgia seeks out the best possible properties that provide a balance of income and the possible growth in appreciation.
  • Leverage or loans on investment property can be one of the greatest benefits that Real estate investing can provide. But with leverage comes with more risk and less cash flow to be measured, understood and respected. PMI Georgia is constantly networking with professional in the mortgage industry to fine the best possible investor loans to meet our client’s needs.

What you can expect during the property-sourcing phase:

  • Review and analyze all properties on a daily basis.
  • Obtain tax and HOA information (verify HOA fees and rental cap)
  • Prepare Cash Flow Analysis for properties of interest
  • Prepare and submit offers on all properties of interest
  • Immediately upon acceptance, during due diligence, organize any & all inspections required by the buyer
  • Regular communications with clients
  • Notify leasing agent and Home Pro Solutions of upcoming closing to ensure everyone’s ready to go.
  • Schedule closing
  • Perform pre-closing inspection to insure everything is in the same condition as offer date/no vandalism, etc.
  • Assure all closing documents and Lease Management Agreement are available to organize utilities on owner’s behalf (if service needed).
  • Confirm renovations have begun and locks have been changed.
  • Weekly follow up with renovations crew to assure we are moving forward and report back to client on progress. Our clients are typically not here physically to check on renovations, we are your “feet on the ground”.
  • Take post-rehab photos for advertising purposes.
  • Help design and initiate rental advertising.

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