Why Should I Look Into Hiring a Property Manager in Atlanta?

Why Should I Look Into Hiring a Property Manager in Atlanta?

At the beginning of 2021, approximately 43.32 million American housing units were occupied by renters. This number of rental homes shows many people see the benefit of investing in real estate.

If you have one rental property, managing it can appear painless. You get the rent payment each month and occasionally field a maintenance call.

However, if you are renting to bad tenants or have more than one rental property, things may get out of hand quickly. This is where property management services can help.

Hiring a good property manager can help get things under control. For more reasons to hire a property management company in Atlanta, GA, keep reading.

They Handle Tenant Screening

One of the great benefits of hiring a property manager is that they handle the whole process for you when you're looking for new tenants. A property manager will handle everything from the rental applications to a criminal background check in their tenant screening process.

This means that you have less risk of renting to troublesome tenants. If someone who has had previous problems paying rent, was evicted, or has a criminal history applies to rent your property, they'll be screened out by the thorough screening process.

You Can Avoid Legal Troubles

Sometimes, evictions happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them. When you have to evict your tenant, knowing the law can help. The regulations regarding tenants and landlords are extensive and can be tricky to understand. For this reason, hiring a property manager can help.

A qualified property management company will know the laws in your state regarding rental units, renters, leases, and landlords. This means your property manager can handle the eviction on your behalf. This lessens your risk of legal troubles if the tenant isn't unhappy.

They Communicate With Your Tenants

Owning multiple rental units can get tiresome fielding calls from tenants about maintenance issues. As a landlord, you have to ensure the safety of the property, so regular maintenance checks are recommended.

To help, you can hire a property manager to undertake this task for you. They will take the calls, liaise with your tenants, and act as the point of contact for tenant concerns. Your property manager will only involve you if the issue is more severe.

They Manage Rent Collection

Finally, if you're tired of chasing your tenants for rent payments month after month, a good property manager can be your new best friend. They will take over your rent collection every month, so you don't have to.

Your property manager will send out rent reminders before it's due and late notices if a tenant hasn't paid their rent on time. Some property management companies also offer an online tenant portal, which creates an easy, convenient way for your tenant can pay their rent.

Hire the Best Property Management in Atlanta

Managing several rental properties can get time-consuming, especially if you have problem tenants. This is why finding an excellent property management business to help is so important.

They can help evict your bad tenants, screen new (better) ones, field maintenance calls, handle rent collection, and more. This leaves you more time for other essential things that need your attention.

For the best property managers in Atlanta, GA., contact us today. We are a full-service property management company that can help you find your dream tenants.