5 Summer Property Maintenance Tips for Atlanta Landlords

5 Summer Property Maintenance Tips for Atlanta Landlords

Did you know that 43% of tenants hate their landlords? This might have you worried, especially since renter turnover can hurt your profits.

The good news is, you can be proactive and take steps that'll make you the most favored landlord in all of Atlanta! And all it takes is maintaining your property, especially as the seasons change. When your renters live in comfort, they'll never want to leave.

Read on for five summer property maintenance tips all Atlanta landlords need to know.

1. Pressure Wash the Property's Exterior

Pressure washing is something you should do every season. The outside environment will cause a buildup of dirt, grime, and debris, which can make your property look old, dirty, and worn out.

If you keep up with pressure washing every season, this will keep the buildup at a minimum. Your tenants will have a more beautiful facade to look at, and potential renters are more likely to be impressed.

2. Do Some Landscaping

Your tenants will want to spend time outdoors enjoying the fantastic weather, so ensure they have a better time by doing some landscaping.

You should trim the trees and shrubs, as well as cut the grass at a medium length. Clear weeds and stay on top of this all season, as they'll grow like crazy if you let them.

3. Have the Air Conditioning Serviced

There's nothing worse than sitting in sweltering heat and not having a way to cool down. If there's one thing you should do for summer maintenance, it's got to be AC maintenance and service.

Call an HVAC expert well in advance to ensure all units are up and running before the heat sets in. They can also do things like swap out air filters so the units run better and you have lower utility costs.

4. Get Your Pool Ready

If your tenants are lucky enough to have access to a pool on the property, then you need to make sure it's ready to go as soon as temperatures shoot up.

You should be skimming the surface regularly already, as this keeps the water clean and clear. In addition, vacuum and brush the sides to keep your pool in tip-top condition.

Check the chemical levels and adjust them with your kit. And lastly, check and clean the filter basket.

5. Check the Fire Alarms

It's fire season; keep your tenants safe by double-checking that all fire and CO2 alarms are in working order.

While you're at it, check your security systems too. Most robberies happen during summer, so be a good landlord and deter thieves the best you can.

Keep Up With Property Maintenance

If you keep up with property maintenance, you'll keep your renters happy. This summer, get ahead of things and make your property the best in all of Atlanta.

Your efforts won't go unnoticed. Your current tenants will spread the word and before you know it, you'll fill up your units easily.

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