The PMI Georgia Property Management Lifecycle!

The PMI Georgia Property Management Lifecycle!

Ever wondered what property management is and what we really do at PMI Georgia? No need to look any further. We have you covered with our very own, PMI Georgia Property Management Lifecycle! In this article, you will see how PMI Georgia, as your full-service property management company, handles properties in all stages of the lifecycle from top to bottom, beginning to end, purchase to sale, and everything in between. We are here to answer the age-old question, “what do property managers do other than collect rent?”

 Let’s dive right in!

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  1. Information to Owners: PMI Georgia provides information and resources to potential owners and investors through various forms of communication such as our shiny new Website where you’ll have access Owner Resources, how to call our office, email us with your interest or questions, or you can even fill out a short form to schedule a consultation with a professional, licensed sales agent. Our team is here to answer all your questions! At PMI Georgia, we believe effective communication is so important we made it one of our brand promises.  PMI Georgia also uses Active Campaign, and many other syndicated sites to keep owners up to on all that we are doing.  In the rare event you can’t reach one of us on the phone, please visit our website where we have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

  1. Owner/PMI Georgia Partnership: After working with one of our professional sales agents and learning about PMI Georgia, a great decision is made to partner with our team. We are COMMITTED to serving you as your professional property manager and our team will accomplish this through our four (4) BRAND PROMISES (1. Effective Communication, 2. Honesty & Integrity, 3. Accurate Accounting, 4. Availability of Our Team). We take these promises very seriously. You’ll choose from one of our 3 Flexible Service Plans (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) and begin the onboarding process.  It is very important that all documents be completed and returned to PMI Georgia as soon as possible so that we can begin serving as your property manager.  As a partner with PMI Georgia, you will gain access to your Owner Portal. This portal is amazing and full of important information you seek regarding your property. 

  1. Rehab / Rent Ready: After the Management Agreement is signed and onboarding is in progress, PMI Georgia will evaluate the property to determine its rent readiness. If needed, a Rehab Scope will be provided to give you detailed information along with an itemized list of all issues needing attention. Our very own Home Pro Solutions, Inc. is available to complete the work if you would like. We have Housing Quality Standards in place so that all PMI Georgia properties are of consistent and acceptable condition. 

  1. Advertising: Once your property is rent ready, PMI Georgia will advertise it with signage (if allowed), through various online platforms and syndication sources such as our Website, ZillowGAMLSRealtor.comFacebook Marketplace, and FMLS (if needed), and more.  We also use self-showing lock boxes to ensure that all prospective tenants have a chance to view your property at their convenience. Using these steps, we will be able to get your property rented quickly. We offer a 30-Day Rental Guarantee, or the 1st-month management fee is free (Platinum Service Package).

  1. Leasing: While advertising your property, we can find the ideal tenant through our professional and thorough screening process. All applications are handled on a “first-come, first serve” basis to be fair to all those who apply. Once the tenant is approved, they must provide 1-month rent via certified funds for us to remove the property from advertising.  We then perform a Move-In Inspection with photos and 360-degree views within a week of the scheduled move-date to ensure that the property condition is notated before the tenant take possession. 

  1. Money: PMI Georgia has a dedicated Financial Controller who oversees the accounting and reporting for all our valued owners. Rent is due on the 1st of each month, and we encourage all tenants to use their tenant portal to pay. Once the rent is paid and clears our bank, it is then available for distribution to the property owner. PMI Georgia collects their management fees and pays any outstanding invoices prior to processing owner draws. Owner draws are processed on the 8th & 9th of each month, most Mondays afterward and then the last business day of the month. Our goal is to get owner’s their money as quickly as possible. Each time a draw is processed for the owner, a statement, to date, is emailed to the owner so they will know to be looking for the deposit in their bank account. After the end of each month, after bank statements have been reconciled,  and a triple-tie reconciliation is performed, finalized monthly statements are sent and published to each owner’s portal.  

  1. Owner: The Owner Portal is your best friend and provides you live, up-to-date information. Your portal will give you access to everything you need including checking your rent collection, owner draws, your ledger, reports, etc. You will also receive PMI Georgia’s monthly investor newsletter that provides important upcoming dates, up-to-date helpful tips for you and your property, and much more! Don’t forget to check out our (7) Guarantee Videos (1. 30-DAY Guarantee, 2. EVICTION Guarantee, 3. ON-TIME RENT Guarantee, 4. PET Guarantee, 5. HAPPINESS Guarantee, 6. LEASING Guarantee, 7. RESULTS Guarantee).

  1. Tenant: Once we place an approved PMI Georgia tenant in your investment property, they will have access to use our awesome Tenant Portal. Inside this portal, tenants will have access to our resident resources, such as Rent Money to pay their rent, lease documents, and other important information. PMI Georgia provides a Maintenance Fix Guide to help tenants troubleshoot issues themselves and save you money on unnecessary repairs. Tenants can also submit a maintenance request through our website. 

  1. Property: Maintenance requests do tend to happen. And when they do, we have an easy way to request one. When requesting a maintenance request, go on our website and select the button located at the top of the home page.  PMI Georgia also provides professional maintenance using Home Pro Solutions (HPS) techs. When our technicians are out in the field in the area of your property, they will do a drive by to make sure everything looks ok. You may also request a 3rd party property condition report through On Sight Pros which includes (inside and outside) pictures and extensive notes about the property.

  1. Manage Move-Outs: If a tenant decides to and not renew their lease and move-out or you, as the owner determine to non-renew, PMI Georgia is here to help both owner and tenant through the move-out process. Specific instructions are sent to the tenant regarding how to leave the property. The owner is notified of the upcoming move-out as well.  After the tenant communicates that they have vacated, a Move-Out inspection will be performed and will have itemized photos of any tenant caused damage, as well as 360-degree photos of all areas of the property. Per Landlord-Tenant law , the landlord must complete a MO inspection “within three(3) business days of the lease termination…”  and the tenant may “inspect the unit within five (5) business days after the termination.”  Tenants can only be charged for actual damages to the property, not reasonable wear, and tear.    We will also do a Rehab Scope of the items needed to make the property Rent Ready and manage the process for you all over again.

  1. Next Steps: When the time comes to decide whether to Re-Rent or to Sell, PMI Georgia has you covered there too! Give us a call and your agent will review your options with you. We will provide you with real-time market analysis and give you our honest feedback. Our goal is to help you determine what’s best for you and your investment property. If choosing to Re-Rent, once the rehab is funded, we will get your property Rent-Ready again by completing the rehab, placing it back on advertising, and get you the next ideal tenant. 

PMI Georgia is ready to be your partner and professional property management company! Reach out us today. 

We look forward to serving you!





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