Of course, you have questions...

What's a "door"?

In property management, our business is measured by how many "doors" we manage. For example, a tri-plex property actually provides us with 3 doors!

I own 3 properties managed by PMI Georgia, which one will get the incentive?

To provide you with the largest benefit from this program, we will apply the incentive to your property with the highest monthly rent that is currently tenanted when the incentive is earned.

When is the incentive earned?

We will notify you that you've earned the incentive when your referral signs a lease management agreement with PMI Georgia.

Will I keep earning incentives for properties my referred owner adds?

The incentive will be limited to the initial property or group of properties that your referral provides us to manage.

So, I can earn the incentive for multiple properties?

YES, if you refer an investor/owner that currently owns and wants us to manage: 1 single-family home, you earn a credit for 1/2 a month's management fee! 4 single-family homes, you earn 2 month's free management! 2 quadroplexes (4-family homes), you earn 4 month's free management! (Calculated: 2 buildings, 4 doors per building @ 1/2 month for each door)

Who makes a good referral?

Refer anyone you know to us who:

  • Is trying to sell a home that may prefer positive cash flow until the real estate market improves.
  • Anyone who is listed with a property manager who hasn't found them a tenant in at least 60 days.
  • Any investor who owns properties in the Atlanta area.
  • Even a current property manager who may be looking to get out of the business!

How do I start? I really want to reduce my management fee cost!

If you know someone who would be a good referral, suggest PMI Georgia for their property management. If you're not sure how to approach them, feel free to call us for help. We have printed material and excellent talking-points that will help you initiate the conversation.

Property Management

As a full-service property management solution, PMI Georgia offers property marketing across all applicable marketing channels. In fact, our rental tenant placement services work because we understand exactly how to conduct property marketing in order to find exactly the right tenants for our property owner clients.