Winterizing Your Rental Properties

During these cold winter months it is important for property managers to winterize rental properties. Taking these simple steps will help prevent common weather related damages to rental properties. Spending money on preventative measures will always pay off when major costly damages are avoided.

1. Adjust The Thermostat

Remind tenants to keep the thermostat on when away from home during cold winter months. Have them set the thermostat to about 55 degrees, this will prevent pipes from freezing.

2. Turn Off Water if the Property is Vacant

Water damage can strike without notice and leave a devastating path of destruction. Severe storms and floods often leave property owners with problems such as mud, moisture, standing water, and mildew. Shutting off the main water valve, draining pipes and toilets and adding non-toxic antifreeze to toilets can prevent leaking/bursting pipes and flooding.

3. Check Regular Maintenances

Have the HVAC system professionally checked and remind tenants to regularly replace air filters or arrange to have them replaced.Regularly check on vacant properties to ensure that damage has not occurred or that hazardous situations have not popped up.Clean chimneys, have the roof inspected and check for overhanging or broken branches that need to be trimmed. Consider contracting with a snow removal company or remind tenants to use proper snow removal techniques.

Unexpected damage to your property can be an extremely overwhelming experience, especially during the holiday season. A good property manager will stay ahead of issues by being aware of potential problems and taking steps now to prevent costly damages in the future.

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