Why Landlords Should NOT Enter Tenant-Occupied Rentals: Atlanta Property Management

The landlord right of entry is a tricky subject to address, and one of the questions I hate talking about the most. An owner should not go into a tenant home, and there are a few good reasons for that. We will often have out of town owners call us to let us know that they will be here, and they want to show up at the house and walk through the property. I know it’s the owner’s house, but you hired an Atlanta property manager to protect you. You don’t want to go into that occupied home. It’s not a good idea.


Landlord’s Rights to Enter Property 

When a landlord enters a tenant occupied property, it causes a go-around opportunity for tenants. The tenants will try to create another relationship that we will have to manage. Tenants will go around us straight to the owner and try to get away with something that we might not allow. For example, if the landlord is physically present, it may be easy to give the okay on something that we have already prohibited in the lease. So, we don’t want that conflict of interest introduced to another party. It can be an issue. 

Atlanta Property Management Companies 

A house is an emotional investment for an owner, but not for a property manager. So, if an owner goes into the home and something seems a little off, it’s easy to become upset and emotional. That doesn’t happen with the property manager. We recommend that owners not have keys to the house for liability reasons. Make it a practice not to go into the house, and let the property manager handle it. Property management companies in Atlanta have things in place with documents and pictures so you know your house is in good shape. Let us handle it. 

If you have any questions about why you should not go into your tenant-occupied rental property, please contact us at Solutions Realty Network, your Atlanta property management experts. We’d be happy to tell you more about this.