Why do we use Supra Electronic Lockboxes?

We talk about this whenever we meet with a perspective new owner, but why is this important?  Do you know what kind of Lockbox your property manager uses?  If you don’t, you should!

The old technology uses combination boxes, similar to a combination lock. There are property managers who, instead of personally escorting a potential tenant through your investment, will simply give them a code to the lockbox on the home.  Savvy crooked home-seekers know that many agents use the same code for all their coded lockboxes; allowing complete strangers access to every property that management company has vacant....including yours!


Dangers of using combination boxes:

v  Worst case, they move their entire family into your home, claim you gave them access (your agent did give them the code) and cost you a long and expensive eviction process

v  Stolen appliances

v  Vandalism 

v   Accidental Damage (The Supra system allows us to ALWAYS know who was in your property and hold them responsible!) 

Don't let your home be on the evening news! 

We use Supra Electronic Lockboxes as a measure of added security for your investment. They allow us to monitor and identify every agent, inspector or appraiser who has accessed your home through the electronic lockbox. Each, and ONLY, authorized member of the MLS has a unique electronic signature when using the Supra key to get access to the electronic lockbox. Access is updated every night; the online reporting alerts us each time an agent gains entry to the home. The days of combination lock boxes are of the past in our opinion!

Solutions Realty Network has heavily invested in Supra electronic lock boxes as a standard of doing business in the property management industry. The additional cost of ONLY using these boxes on your home is just another measure of protection using property management EXPERTS!

If you are talking to other property managers about potentially managing your home, ask them what type of lock box they will use on your property. If it is not electronic, don’t use them!!