Tips To Help Attract New Tenants

Tips To Help Attract New Tenants

In the US, 44.2 million households currently rent their home. Despite this huge number, the demand for rental properties is still high. But as a landlord, do you know how to find the right occupants?

If not, just a few small changes can help. Read on as we discuss how to find new tenants in the Greater Atlanta area. 

1. Be Clear About Expectations

You can save a lot of time and effort by being clear about your expectations from the start. This saves time spent answering queries, questions, and viewings from people who are just not suitable. All of this feeds into your tenant screening process. 

A few considerations could be if you will state a required minimum income, or if you will allow smokers or pets. Check current tenancy rules for the Greater Atlanta area, as there may be certain rules about what you can and can't ask for when trying to attract new tenants.

2. Write a Thorough Listing

To get people through the door, need to attract them first. A thorough listing can do this. It should detail all of the important details in the property, including its floor space, rooms, facilities, and information about the area. 

Be truthful with your listings. If there are any problems with the home, then make sure you get them fixed before writing the listing to avoid any misunderstandings. 

3. Get Professional Photographs Taken

To get the best tenants, invest in professional photography. Taking pictures on your phone won't place the home in the best way. A professional will have better equipment and know how to get the best light and angles. 

Many landlords are choosing to use drone photography when they want to advertise a high-end property. This can show the whole grounds and surrounding areas. Keep in mind that if you hire property management services, they may have photography as part of their deal. 

4. Stay On Top of Maintenance

If you fail to stay on top of maintenance, then problems will slowly begin to mount up. Before you know it, you will have a property that is rough around the edges, and tenants won't want to move in. Keep maintenance regular and you will be ready as soon as you need to advertise once more, increasing your occupancy rates. 

5. Use Social Media

Social media is a great place to start advertising your property. Not only are there lots of local listing sites, but you may find friends or family who know others who are looking to rent. 

Start by getting your professional pictures uploaded, then update your contact information. The downside is that you may get a lot of sales pitches unrelated to occupancy, though it will be worth it if you get the perfect tenants. 

Vetting New Tenants

Once you have the new tenants coming in, make sure you do a thorough background check. This will ensure you have no surprises and get the people in the property you desire. Check their income and get references. 

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