Tenants: Protect Yourself from Losing Everything!

You may think "why do I need renters insurance? I'm not the owner; I have nothing to lose and can't be sued," or "The owner has insurance, so I am covered."

Sorry Tenant you are wrong!

Stop & think: what it would cost to replace…

  • Your entire family's clothing & shoes
  • Important documents
  • Electronics
  • Linens, dishes, silverware
  • Furniture 

or, think of the cost for relocation if necessary.

For Pennies a Day, Here are the Top 5 Reasons why you should have Renters Insurance...

#5 Protect yourself in case a guest is injured at your home. Accidents happen every day and if someone gets hurt you can be sued even though you do not own the home. 

#4 Pet Owners. If your dog bites another person (please note that every insurance company has restrictions on the breeds that they will cover), you can be held liable for their medical bills & other expenses. 

#3 Temporary Housing. If your home is deemed uninhabitable per your (or the owner’s) insurance company and you need temporary housing while the damage is being repaired, renters insurance can help cover some of the related expenses such as food & hotel costs. 

#2 An accident causes structural damage. The owner’s landlord policy covers repairing structural damage done to the property; but if damage was caused by you, you can be held financially responsible for repairs. Depending on your rental insurance coverage, some of that financial obligation may be covered.

The #1 reason you need renters insurance is to protect your belongings. Renters insurance is inexpensive and for pennies a day can make sure your belongings are protected whether there is damage to the property from a storm, theft, fire, etc... 

Make sure you and your belongings are protected and get renters insurance TODAY... Don't wait until it's too late! 

We at Solutions Realty Network are always here to answer your questions, or for additional information on obtaining a policy contact our preferred vendor:

Allstate-Barnard Agency
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