Property Marketing in Atlanta: How To Write an Attractive Online Rental Listing

Property Marketing in Atlanta: How To Write an Attractive Online Rental Listing

The average price of a single-family home in Georgia was $256,962 as of August 2021.

Depending on the home you're trying to sell or rent, it may not be easy to find suitable buyers or tenants. One of the most important things you need to do is market your property effectively.

In this guide, we'll go over some property marketing tips that can help you create an attractive online rental listing. Keep reading for more.

Put the Best Features First

If your property has any noteworthy features, you'll want to highlight these. When people are looking for a new home, they'll likely have plenty of options to choose from. You want to show them something that will make them stop scrolling and take a look at your listing.

There are all kinds of things this could be. A beautiful balcony, a swimming pool, an island kitchen, etc.

Showing these features off will get more people to click on your listing. If more people view your listing, you'll likely get more people who want to view your property.

Add Personality

When someone is looking for a rental vacancy, they could be looking through potentially hundreds of listings. On top of stand-out features, there are other ways you can set your listing apart from the crowd. Adding a bit of flair will catch the attention of prospective tenants.

Professional quality photos are a good example. They'll cost you a bit more, but your listing will stand out from all the rest and get a lot more views. Including your contact details on the listing is also a good touch as it shows you're open to talking to potential renters directly.

Be Brief and Direct

One mistake that people often make is being too descriptive. You want to make sure you include anything essential but don't add in a lot of unnecessary details.

People don't want to read an essay for every rental unit listing they look at. Be clear and concise so that people get the information they need without having to spend too much time sifting through chunks of text. Bullet points and small sentences are your friends here.

Mention Pet and Environment-Friendly Policies

New tenants will want to live in a home that fits their lifestyle. For someone with pets, for example, a pet-friendly home is essential. Make sure you detail whether your property is pet-friendly or not.

Younger generations are entering the market, and they're more environmentally conscious than older generations. Being environmentally friendly is becoming increasingly important. Highlight things like recycling options, eco-friendly appliances, and other features that will appeal to those who wish to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Effective Property Marketing

You want to ensure you focus on property marketing when listing a rental property. This will help you find suitable tenants more easily, but it can be difficult.

One thing you can do to help is to hire a professional property manager. They can help you create a listing that will attract a lot more views.

PMI Georgia is a full-service real estate asset management company that serves the Greater Atlanta area. We can help you create the perfect listing for your property. Take a look at our Marketing page to find out more.