Owner Onboarding: Do’s and Don’ts

As we all know, first impressions are crucial to creating a lasting, positive partnership between two parties. Much like an interview, owners and property managers have the opportunity to determine whether we are a good fit throughout the onboarding process. The onboarding process consists of collecting important owner information, existing tenant leases, closing documentation, and any other pertinent details to assist in a smooth transition to property management for both owners and tenants. Below is a guideline of do’s and don’ts during the onboarding process to ensure that a positive and successful partnership between owners and PMI Georgia is established: 


  • Check your email often for any information related to your property and/or tenant onboarding.

  • Check your spam folder for any emails from Docusign if you have not received onboarding documents.

  • Complete all paperwork (W-9, Direct Deposit, Property information sheet) in a timely manner. 

  • Return ACH withdrawal authorization as soon as possible. This is essential in the onboarding of your property. 

  • Ensure that a copy of the tenant lease and tenant contact information is provided at the time of closing and/or that you are able to provide all this information to PMI Georgia up-front. 

  • Ask relevant questions as they arise. 


  • Assume that PMI Georgia has all the information we need from the very beginning. This is a partnership, and it is crucial that owners are engaged throughout the onboarding process.

  • Leave out information on onboarding documents or leave them incomplete.

  • Expect your property to be posted on advertising immediately after a management agreement is signed. The faster we are able to complete the onboarding process and ensure the property is rent ready, the sooner your property will be posted on advertising. 

  • Assume that PMI Georgia will be able to collect rent from an existing tenant in the first couple of days of management if we are not provided with tenant contact information and a lease agreement. This typically adds on an increased amount of time to the onboarding process.

PMI Georgia’s most successful and on-going partnerships are established when owners are reachable and responsive. This allows for PMI Georgia to maintain an open communication policy to better serve and educate our property owners and tenants!