How to Handle the Tenant Move Out Process like an Atlanta Property Manager


Today, we’re talking about some of the things you need to consider during the move out process at your rental home. 

Returning Keys 

First, have you received the keys back from the tenants? If you have received those keys, you have three days to get out to the property and take an inventory of everything the tenant will be accountable for, specifically any damage that was left behind. You need to present that information to the tenant, and then they have five days to dispute it. Be reasonable and stick to your pictures, facts and documentation. If everyone is being reasonable, you’ll work it out. 

When the tenants do not return your keys but they say they are out, you can go to the property, but don’t go into the house. You don’t want to enter unless the courts have told you it’s permissible, or the tenants have sent you the keys or confirmed in writing that they are out of the property. You want to make sure you have legal possession before you go inside. 

Normal Wear and Tear 

Wear and tear is a big deal. Certain things like a mark in the wall or carpets getting worn in high traffic areas are wear and tear, and you’ll have to take care of it as an owner. If there’s a big hole in the wall that wasn’t properly patched or you find carpets that are damaged from pets and stains, you can get the tenant to compensate you for that. If the floors look cut from an appliance moving, that’s damage. 

Changing Filters 

One thing we always tell our property owners to do is to change air conditioning filters. You want your systems to be working at maximum efficiency. Also, make sure you change the keys because you don’t want to be liable if the next person moves in and your old tenants trespass. Reset the garage door codes as well. 

If you have any questions about moving tenants out, please contact us at Solutions Realty Network.