How to Evict My Tenant from Hell: Atlanta Landlord Education






Our topic today is how to get rid of that tenant from hell. If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you’ve had at least one pesky tenant who just doesn’t pay rent, and you need to remove them from your property

First, submit a Demand for Rent letter. If the tenant has not paid the rent that is due, send this letter first in case the judge asks for it later. After three days, if they have not paid, you can go to the Dispossessory Court and start filling out the eviction paperwork. Remember to check the box that includes “and all others” when you’re filling out your forms. That’s a loophole that tenants can use to stay in the house longer, and you don’t want that to happen, so make sure you check the right box. 

This first step will cost you between $ 75 and $125, and it takes you three or four weeks to get an actual court date. Once you have the court date, you’ll appear in front of the judge. Have all the leases and ledgers that you need because the judge will require documentation. Ask for seven days. The judge will always give you those seven days because it’s Georgia law. 

Once that time comes up, you will be able to get a Writ. The court will pro-rate those seven days up to the Writ and give you a judgment. This part of the process will cost you $50 to $75, and you’ll get in line for an eviction once your Writ is filed. After that, it takes between seven and 14 days to have the eviction done. 

After you file the Writ, don’t take any money from the tenants. If you take even a dollar from the tenant, the Writ gets thrown out. If you’re sure you want that tenant out, don’t take any money. You also want to take this opportunity to drive by the house and make sure the numbers are on the mailbox. The court can’t evict if the number isn’t on your mailbox. Make sure your property is correctly numbered. 

Finally, the actual eviction happens. The Sheriff will come out and evict your tenant. He’s not going to move all of the tenant’s stuff out of the house and onto the street by himself. Make sure you have a crew ready to do that. This will cost you $200 to $500, depending on how much you’re moving out. 

Hopefully, this blog will get you started. If you need any more information, we’ll be happy to help you out. Just contact us at Solutions Realty Network