Everything You Need to Know About Tenant Portals as an Atlanta Landlord

Everything You Need to Know About Tenant Portals as an Atlanta Landlord

Do you feel that you're often left searching for information or chasing rent payments as a landlord? This can be frustrating, but a great solution is to use a tenant portal.

Tenant portals streamline tasks for landlords, making it easier to maximize investment property profits.

Get comfortable while we look at the benefits of tenant portals.

Improved Communication

A tenant portal is an excellent communication channel as it offers a simple way to get in touch with your property manager. There is no need for you or tenants to make phone calls with queries or requests.

Instead, you can log on to the platform and contact your property management company in seconds. Your manager can also reply through the portal, making this a hassle-free way to communicate.

More Convenient

Many factors can cause stress for a landlord, such as late rent payments or losing important documents. But when using a tenant portal, it's possible to set automatic reminders so renters know when to pay. Providing easy online payment methods offers tenants greater convenience, and they can transfer money 24/7.

Additionally, they can submit maintenance requests on the portal. This means that your property manager can take care of issues such as a broken heating system as soon as possible, so the house stays warm and habitable.

Added Security

The last thing you want is for confidential information to end up in the hands of criminals. If you were to send letters to tenants, you might sometimes have to include your name, address, or bank details. But this could lead to you becoming a victim of identity theft.

Using a tenant portal means that neither party has to risk sending their personal details by post. Your property management firm will email you information on how to log in and get set up on the platform.

You can then enjoy online security features that keep your information safe and secure.

A Tenant Portal Provides Real-Time Updates

You never know when you'll want to see the most up-to-date details for your rental property. For example, you may be considering buying more rental homes and want to make sure your current investment is performing as expected. Or you might want to confirm that a tenant has paid on time this month.

If these scenarios were to happen in the evening time or at the weekend, you could have to wait hours, or even days, until you get the information. But with a tenant portal, you can instantly see the details without having to wait.

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A tenant portal makes it easier for landlords to view all the information they need as rental property owners. You'll be able to see how much you're making from your investment each month, and you can do this from anywhere in the world.

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