Decrease Vacancy With Creative Leasing Strategies

Decrease Vacancy With Creative Leasing Strategies

Vacancies can be a headache for landlords in the Greater Atlanta area. Empty spaces mean lost income, and who wants that? But there are effective and creative ways to attract new tenants and reduce those vacancies.

In this blog post on rental leasing, we'll explore a few strategies to help you keep your property full. Whether you own a big apartment complex or just a few rental units, these tips can work for you.

These include offering flexible lease terms, offering virtual tours, and more. Let's get started.

Offer Flexible Lease Terms

Everyone loves options. If you want to attract more tenants, consider offering flexible lease terms. Instead of the standard 12-month lease, why not offer shorter or longer terms to fit different needs?

For example, someone new to town might appreciate a six-month lease, while a family may prefer a two-year commitment. Flexibility gives potential tenants more reasons to choose your property. Plus, it sets you apart from other landlords who are strict about lease lengths.

Offer Virtual Tours

In the digital age in which we are living, virtual tours are a must-have and highly sought after by prospective tenants. They allow potential tenants to explore your property from the comfort of their own homes. Use high-quality images and videos to create a virtual tour that showcases the best parts of your property.

This approach is especially useful for attracting out-of-town tenants who might not be able to visit in person. Virtual tours can also save time by giving potential tenants a better sense of the property before they schedule an in-person visit.

Allow Pets to Attract More Tenants

Many people consider pets family, so offering pet-friendly options is a great way to attract more tenants. If your property allows pets, make sure to highlight this in your listings and marketing materials.

You can also set clear guidelines to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the property. For example, consider pet deposits or breed restrictions if needed.

Being pet-friendly can be a big draw, especially for tenants who struggle to find places that welcome their furry friends. You can also create pet-friendly amenities, like a dog park or pet washing stations, to make your property even more appealing to pet owners.

Offer Rent Bundles with Utilities Included

Another effective way to attract new tenants and reduce vacancies is to offer rent bundles that include utilities. Many people prefer knowing their monthly costs upfront without worrying about fluctuating bills for electricity, water, gas, or internet.

By offering a bundled rent package, you can make it easier for tenants to budget and plan. This strategy can also be a unique selling point that sets your property apart from others

Decrease Vacancy With Creative Leasing Strategies

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