A Property Manager's Guide to Efficient Maintenance Coordination

A Property Manager's Guide to Efficient Maintenance Coordination

Between collecting rent and handling maintenance requests, you wear multiple hats as a real estate investor in Greater Atlanta. And unfortunately, handling the maintenance piece can be stressful if you have multiple properties and tenants.

When it comes to maintenance, some of the biggest complaints you may receive range from drain issues to electrical problems. Fortunately, it's more than possible to juggle all of your tenants' maintenance needs daily if you employ the right system and tools.

Here's a rundown on how to make your property maintenance coordination process an efficient one.

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Be Quick in Your Responses to Requests for Repairs

One of the best ways to achieve efficient maintenance coordination as a property owner is to respond to your tenants' repair requests as soon as possible. This should happen whether these requests come in at night or during the day.

Some repairs do not require action right away. However, you should respond to each request right away. In addition, you should keep your tenants up to date on your progress when it comes to fixing their issues.

A tenant's repair might take several days to finish if it's an extensive one. However, your tenant will still appreciate knowing that you are working hard on their solution. That's critical for keeping your tenants happy.

Building Strong Vendor Relationships

Property maintenance will also go more smoothly if you maintain robust relationships with a variety of vendors. These vendors may range from plumbers to electricians and even general contractors.

These connections will enable you to contact experienced and vetted vendors when your tenants need repairs. The more experienced these vendors are, the faster and more accurately the repairs will be done.

Plus, let's say you have a long list of vendors to reach out to in a pinch. You save yourself the time and stress of having to scramble to find one every time you have a surprise repair request.

Leveraging Technology

Finally, maintenance coordination software can help you to manage maintenance requests.

For instance, with software, you can allow your tenants to submit their maintenance requests electronically. This may be more convenient for your tenants than contacting you by phone. Plus, they can submit photos with their requests.

Submitting repair requests electronically will also make your job easier. After all, you won't have to enter your tenants' repair requests manually. In addition, your software will allow you to track the progress of a repair.

With maintenance coordination software, you can also assign maintenance tasks to different vendors. Likewise, you can view estimates or invoices. You may even be able to share messages, invoices, or documents with your tenants.

How We Can Help with Maintenance Coordination

Efficient maintenance coordination requires responding promptly to your tenants' requests for repairs. You can also use technology to track your requests.

At Property Management Inc., we have mastered the art and science of maintenance coordination in Atlanta. As a result, we are well equipped to assist real estate investors.

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