4 Reasons to Have a Tenant Portal for Your Atlanta Rental Properties

4 Reasons to Have a Tenant Portal for Your Atlanta Rental Properties

If you're a current landlord, then you'll know that managing your rental property is already tough enough. Those with multiple properties may feel like they're constantly running around, taking care of one issue after the other.

You deserve to spend time with your loved ones and relax while doing the things you enjoy. And there's no better way to do it than with a tenant portal.

Wondering what benefits you'll get from this? Then read on for four reasons why you should have a tenant portal for your Atlanta rental properties.

1. It's Available 24/7

Your tenants may have a difficult time reaching you outside of business hours if you're good about having a decent work-life balance. This can be frustrating for them though, so use a tenant portal to mitigate this problem.

It's available 24/7, so your tenants can use it whenever it's convenient for them. This is very helpful for those with busy schedules or non-traditional working hours.

2. It Allows for Efficient Rent Payments

Rent collection is something every landlord dreads, especially if you have unreliable renters who need frequent chasing up. However, if you give tenants more control and convenience over how they pay rent, you'll have a better chance of collecting payments on time.

In addition, these portals are often run by property management companies. They'll screen your tenants first, which will help ensure you get responsible renters. Plus, they'll track delays and contact people promptly to cut down on late payments.

3. There Are Streamlined Maintenance Requests

Keeping track of which tenant requested which repair can get messy fast. If you try to remember everything or write it down on paper, it's easy for tasks to fall through the cracks.

On a tenant portal, renters can submit requests at their convenience. They can also add detailed descriptions and attach photos, which can assist you in managing and prioritizing things. As a result, you'll have faster resolutions.

4. There's Transparent Communication

There's nothing more irritating than having a landlord who doesn't tell you the truth or never responds. So if you want to have an easy line of communication with your renters, this is possible with a tenant portal.

Chances are, you've communicated with them through channels like text, email, and phone. It can be hard to keep track of what you said when there are so many channels, so keep things organized with the portal. It'll facilitate clear and documented communication that's easy to refer back to.

Utilize a Tenant Portal for Your Atlanta Rental Properties

As you can see, a tenant portal can make your life much easier, as well as your tenants'. Through your owner portal, you can message your renters and see their maintenance requests. Plus, they can pay rent wherever they are, as long as they have an internet connection.

So if you want to make life as a landlord easier, consider implementing a tenant portal. It'll come with other services as well, so it'll be worth the money spent.

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