3 Reasons Why Rental Property Inspections Are Essential

3 Reasons Why Rental Property Inspections Are Essential

In the United States, 86% of homebuyers who used a home inspector identified at least one problem in the property—for example, issues with the electrical system or plumbing.

Using a home inspector as a landlord is wise if you want to maintain the value of your property. If a tenant doesn't care for their rental unit, regular rental property inspections will identify this before it becomes a bigger problem. Hiring a property management company is ideal for incorporating property inspections into your rental agreements.

If you're still not convinced that property management services, keep reading. Here are three reasons property inspections are essential.

1. Maintain Your Property

Scheduling a regular rental property inspection allows you to check up on the condition of your property. These inspections mean you can spot issues that need addressing, like roof repairs, before they become more costly problems.

The benefits of regular rental property maintenance mean you save money and keep your rental unit in top condition. Routine maintenance also means happier tenants, encouraging them to care for your property as if it were theirs.

2. Check Up on Tenants

Of course, regular Atlanta rental property inspections are an excellent way to check up on your tenants. Checking on them may be especially important if you own a rental unit in an apartment complex. These types of buildings have rules that tenants and landlords need to follow, for example:

  • Keeping the premises in good condition
  • Not interfering with the other tenants' or their premises
  • Not making alterations to the unit
  • Parking within the designated areas
  • Keeping the noise down during designated quiet hours
  • Properly disposing of their garbage
  • Sticking to the guidelines around keeping pets
  • Being respectful of the complex's amenities

If your tenant is breaking any rules, this can become apparent with regular rental property inspections. For example, you want to ensure they're not making unapproved modifications to your building, like breaking down a wall.

3. Build a Trusted Relationship

Finally, one of the final benefits to mention is an improved relationship with your tenants. You can only build on what you have, so you may miss out on a relationship-building opportunity if you're a hands-off landlord. You can create a trusting relationship if you regularly meet with your tenants a few times a year.

This trust will help when you need to visit the property and the tenants aren't home. If you've spent time fostering a solid relationship, your tenants won't mind not being present for the inspection. As a result, tenants who like their landlords are more likely to care for the rental properties properly.

Incorporate Rental Property Inspections Today

Regularly scheduling rental property inspections can help you as a landlord. These inspections enable you to monitor your tenants and ensure they follow the rules. Regular inspections also keep a handle on any property maintenance that needs doing. These inspections mean more minor issues are found and dealt with before they become more costly.

If you're looking for a property management company to handle your property inspections in Atlanta and much more, contact us and see how we can assist. We have expert property managers waiting to help.