3 Reasons to Get Started With an Investment Property in Atlanta

3 Reasons to Get Started With an Investment Property in Atlanta

Did you know that the metro Atlanta area added 64,940 new residents in the past year? These gains slightly exceed the gains from the year before. It's safe to say that Atlanta is a growing city.

For property investors, growth is key. If you want to add an Atlanta investment property to your portfolio, we're here to tell you why that's a great idea. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Economic Growth

Atlanta is a growing city that sustains its growth over time. The city continues to get bigger each year and appeals to people from all over the country.

Part of this economic growth has to do with the many opportunities in the city. There is a lot of industry work and culture for residents to enjoy. Atlanta is diverse as it has a major airport, professional sports, education, and theater.

The city has managed to attract and keep global companies within the city's borders. Delta, AT&T, and Coca-Cola are some of the major corporate players that contribute to Atlanta's economic growth.

These companies bring plenty of jobs to the market so a lot of people move to Atlanta for work. These workers need a place to live, which is where investment properties come into play.

Each investment property has helped build a strong rental market in the area. A lot of residents aren't looking to buy property so they turn to rentals for a low-maintenance lifestyle.

These individuals aren't in Atlanta to settle down, they are there because that's where the jobs are.

2. Geography and Landscape

Atlanta's landscape makes it a great place to invest in property. The ground of Atlanta is home to a lot of unique and diverse neighborhoods. There's green space for nature lovers and a downtown area for those that prefer action.

There are suburbs and neighborhoods that are established and new. There are also high rises for those that prefer the city lifestyle.

Investors can choose from single-family homes and multi-family buildings. Investors can find properties close to commercial buildings, great shopping areas, and nightlife experiences.

These things draw investors and, therefore, renters to Atlanta.

3. Positive Rent and Purchase Price Ratio

A lot of investment property in Atlanta can be bought for affordable prices and put on the market for rental prices that provide a return on investment.

There is a huge value potential in Atlanta because neighborhoods are growing and buildings are getting the upgrades that renters are seeking out.

Investors can add to their portfolio by buying affordable properties that lead them to huge earnings. This trend continues to occur in the Atlanta market as residents prefer to rent than buy.

In fact, renters represent the majority of Atlanta residents at 56%. This number has been increasing since 2000.

Should You Buy an Atlanta Investment Property?

Atlanta is a booming city that attracts individuals looking for great work opportunities and a certain lifestyle.

For investors, Atlanta is a dream! If you want to buy investment property in this area, we can help you find a property of value. Not only that, but we can manage your property once the transaction goes through.

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