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If you are in the market for your perfect rental home, you have come to the right place. At PMI Georgia, we strive to:

  • Make you feel at home
  • Provide you with excellent customer service
  • Guide you with experienced, licensed agents who work with you through the entire process
  • Have a friendly, knowledgeable staff that responds quickly to your needs during the term of your lease
  • Continue to offer service on your next journey whether its home ownership or relocation
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Thank you for your interest in one of our properties! In order for you to apply for, reserve, and lease your new home, please follow these instructions:

  1. Read and agree to our application acceptance policy.

  2. Submit a separate application (see below) for EVERY person over the age of 18 that is residing in the property, even if they will not be responsible for paying rent. Please note that a credit report will be pulled for each qualifying applicant.
    • Each application must be accompanied by a $40 application fee.
    • Application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE
  3.  Supporting documentation required for each applicant:
    • A photo ID
    • Income verification: GA pay-stubs for the last 30 days, a GA employment letter, or if self-employed previous years tax returns. You must be able to provide proof on income (1 months’ salary) in the State of Georgia. Previous income from another state will NOT be used. If you are transferred or accepting a new job, a letter from your employer stating salary and date of employment must be submitted


Application can take up to 72 hours to process. All supporting documentation can be emailed to atlanta@PMI or faxed to 770-908-3329 if you are unable to upload on the application site.

Your Application will be Automatically Denied for the Following:

  • If you have an open Bankruptcy
  • If you are currently being Evicted
  • If we receive a Negative Report from your current landlord
  • If you have multiple Rental Collections regardless of how old they are
  • If you have multiple past evictions


This is the Application Acceptance Policy of PMI Georgia. It is our office policy that this policy along with the rental application instructions, fair housing and other pertinent tenant notices are clearly posted for inspection by any person. Your rental application is a request for an extension of credit and is therefore subject to federal and state jurisdiction. In compliance with the rules set forth, the following criteria will be used in fairly determining your eligibility. Any comments, questions, or other matters relating to your application should be sent in writing to our office PMI Georgia- POBOX 628 Tyrone, GA 30290.

  1. As a condition of occupancy, any person intending to occupy of legal age (18 years or older) must complete an application and be included in all legal obligations. Any person not possessing sufficient qualification, may obtain co-signors as a responsible party with the same procedure. Valid identification will be required at time of application.
  2. A credit report must be obtained from all responsible parties. Credit issues may result in additional security deposits. The monthly debt payment obligation as reported on the credit report will be used to calculate a debt to income ratio.
  3. Employment verification must be obtained on all responsible applicants. Applicant is encouraged to deliver all necessary documentation to assist with this verification. Acceptable documentation can take the form of paychecks, check stubs, bank statements, and any other documents proving employment and/or income. Self employed applicants may be required to furnish 3 months of personal bank statements showing proof of deposits. Company bank statements will not be accepted. Newly employed applicants can use an offer letter on company letterhead as proof of employment. Phone verification's will also be done on all applicants.
  4. A verifiable rental or mortgage history from a non-related person must be obtained on current and previous residency for the last (2) years. If application shows current residency less than (2) years, additional information will be required. Phone verification's will also be done on all applicants. Rental history must reveal timely payment and fulfillment of the contractual agreement. Prior evictions, foreclosures, or bankruptcies in the past five (5) years, current intentions of default, or any balance owed to a previous landlord are grounds to disqualify the applicant. Applicants not meeting residence history requirements may be accepted upon approval of the property owner and/or the payment of additional security deposits.
  5. A criminal background check will be run on all applicants. Applicants with a felony in the past 7 years or any violent crimes or sexual offenses, regardless of time, may result in an automatic disqualification.
  6. Reservation of the Property: Applicants will be given the opportunity to reserve and accept the property by providing the office the 1st months rent due in the form of certified funds or money order
  7. NON-REFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEE: All responsible applicants agree to pay our firm a non-refundable application processing fee, as prescribed by each property, for review of the credit file, verification of employment, rental history, income and other pertinent data necessary for the approval of the application.
  8. Adverse Action Notice: All applicants will receive, in compliance with state and federal laws, a notice of acceptance or rejection by email or U.S. Mail in the time provided for by law. Our firm reserves the right to notify applicant of a conditional approval that may require additional deposits or increased rental rates.
  9. Deposits and Collections: All applicants will be required to submit certified funds for the initial deposits and an initial payment equal to the pro-rated rent. Payments thereafter may be paid by personal check (unless instructed otherwise). No cash is accepted. Our firm reserves the right to hire professional collection services including, but not limited to attorneys, to recover checks and other debts owed.