Cleaning Guide for Tenant Move-Out

When you are ready to move, if you have questions on how to prepare your residence, please call the PMI Georgia office, and discuss your concerns with us. We want your move to be a pleasant and successful one.

Below is our Cleaning Guide for Tenant Move-Out. This is also available as a form on the PMI Georgia website on the Residents page. We provide it for your convenience. Please note that PMI Georgia staff will use this same checklist in our move-out inspection of the property together with the move-in inspection form on file to calculate damages, if any, to withhold from your security deposit.

1. All Rooms

  1. Remove all nails, tacks, anchors and window covering hangers.
  2. Clean baseboards and corners being careful to remove all dust and cobwebs.
  3. Have all Carpets Professionally Cleaned.
  4. Wash off shelves in closets and remove all hangers and shelf lining.
  5. Clean light fixture coverings, around light switches and door frames.
  6. Clean out fireplace (if applicable).

2. Kitchen

  1. Clean oven, oven walls and grills, broiler pan, and storage space.
  2. Clean vent-a-hood (run through dishwasher if available).
  3. Wipe kitchen cabinets and clean inside, outside, and on top. Remove all liners. Handle drawers in the same manner.
  4. Clean refrigerator including walls, containers.
  5. Clean sink and counter top.
  6. Clean floor.
  7. Clean light fixture coverings.
  8. Remove all cleaning solution residue.

3. Bathroom

  1. Clean all light fixtures and coverings.
  2. Clean medicine cabinet and mirrors (should be free from streaks).
  3. Sweep, mop, and clean all vinyl and tile flooring.
  4. Thoroughly clean toilet, sink, cabinet, and tub or shower. Remove all cleaning residues.
  5. Clean all wall/floor/tub/shower tile, grout and caulk with a mold and soap scum cleaning solution.
  6. All soap, dishes, handles, racks, faucets and walls should be free of dirt and stains.

4. Exterior, basements, out-buildings and yard (if you are responsible for yard maintenance in your Lease)

  1. Cut, rake, and remove trash and leaves from yard.
  2. Sweep off all porches and decks.
  3. Sweep out basement, carport, garage and any outbuildings, leaving only those items which came with the property.
  4. Place all trash, garbage and debris where garbage company instructs for pickup, or remove from property. If you leave items which the garbage company will not accept, have them hauled off at your expense.