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Home Evaluation


Our Lease Management Agreement includes an option to pay for a 3-month evaluation of your property after a lease is signed. This extensive evaluation takes a minimum of 2 hours, plus travel time. Through agreements with our subcontractors the entire evaluation only costs $95.00.

Keep in mind that your leasing agent periodically runs by each home, says hello to the tenant and takes a look at the property. In addition, Home Pro Solutions is an expert in serving the needs of a property management company, so whenever your property requires maintenance we will know if there are any obvious issues at your property.

So, why should you pay for a 3-month evaluation? Here are some considerations:

  • The tenant-landlord act provides a tenant the right to “quiet enjoyment” during the lease term; this limits the method and amount of liberty we can take with your home. A formal scheduled evaluation included in the tenant’s lease, allows us the right to truly see how the tenant is treating your investment.
  • For these evaluation, we want a highly skilled technician performing the walk-through. Realistically, there are many areas where a property manager is just not specialized enough to perform this task adequately.
  • We believe that 3 months is the perfect time-frame to conduct this. Even with the best upfront credit & background review, a tenant may not be a good custodian of your property. This amount of time is long enough for them to be “comfortable” in the house, but hopefully early enough to avoid any extensive damage and provide peace of mind.

What will the technician do?

  • During this thorough evaluation the technician will audit the home room-by-room and notate the condition of the walls, ceilings, floors & every detail of your property.
  • They will notate any of the tenant’s possessions that may cause any damage (ie: large hanging mirrors), allowing the property manager to advise the tenant and perhaps avoid damage.
  • They look for any indications of unauthorized pets, allowing the property manager to collect the required pet deposit. Tenants will hide a pet’s toys, bowls, try to clean up the yard and send them off to a relative… but there will usually still be signs.
  • If the tenant has placed any mats or rugs, the technician will move them to insure that the placement isn’t hiding stains or damage.
  • Pull out the HVAC filters, not only to see if they’re clean but also to show tenant how to change them, when to change them and reinforce that it’s their responsibility.
  • Look for signs of “illegal crops” growing in the yard, basement or bathtub.
  • Count heads, beds or look for any indication that there may be more inhabitants than listed on the lease.
  • Look for signs of tenant-caused damage, allowing property manager to arrange for the tenant to pay for their own damage during the lease term. This should reduce the necessary work at the end of the lease term; having the tenant pay for the repairs rather than you!
  • Document the visit with our basic set of pictures plus pictures of any issues identified.

After the evaluation:

  • The technician will provide the property manager with the condition of house and pictures.
  • If the evaluation goes well, the property manager will provide both owner and tenant a letter stating such and encouraging the tenant to keep up the good work!
  • If issues are found, the property manager will discuss the extent of the problems with the owner and together devise a plan for correction.
  • The plan may be as simple as writing a letter to the tenant for corrective action, adjusting the security deposit for pets discovered, arranging repairs and determining who is responsible.
  • We may decide that we’ll need to schedule a follow-up visit, or a series of visits.
  • In extreme situations, where the tenant is obviously a poor custodian of the owner’s property, we will hold the tenant in breach of contract and work to remove them as quickly as possible to reduce any losses.
  • In addition, the evaluation and pictures taken will support any potential insurance claims in favor of the owner.

In conclusion it becomes obvious that this evaluation is a good idea. A good evaluation will provide both you and PMI Georgia with peace of mind and incentive to work hard to renew the tenant. Considering how often move-out repairs exceed the security deposit; if we discover damage we can charge the tenant for; it will reduce or possibly completely avoid any out-of-pocket from you at the end of the lease. In the worse case scenario if we discover severe problems, we can immediately work to remove the tenant if we feel it’s the best course to protect the property. The evaluation and pictures will provide the criteria to claim tenant is in breach of their contract and give us cause to make a change. It will be far better to know and act early than to have a nasty surprise at the end of the lease term.

I hope this helps explain the benefits of the 3-month evaluation and that you also recognize what a value the discounted service is at only $95. It will most likely save you money, definitely protects your investment and allows us to manage your tenants better since they will know that we are seriously watching..